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Dr. Rachael-Anne Knight
Senior Lecturer in Phonetics
Department of Language and Communication Science
City University London
Tel: 020 7040 8081


Below you will find links to my old handouts, from universitites other than City (for handouts from City, click here). If the handout you require is not referenced it may mean I no longer have a soft copy. However, I may be able to send you a hard copy so please contact me . Some handouts require phonetic fonts to be installed on your computer. See this site for free download.

University of Reading INSET session - Language Change (2004- 2006)
  1. Booklet Cover
  2. Timeline of historical events
  3. Old English
  4. Middle English
  5. Early Modern English
  6. Textual comparison
  7. Linguistic analysis sheet
  8. Recent changes in pronunciation
  9. Recent Grammatical change
  10. Natural Tendencies
  11. How do changes spread through a language
  12. Resources
  13. Glossary
  14. Review Questions

Roehampton - University of Surrey, Language Society and Power (2003-4)
Week2 - Language and Thought Week2 - Worksheet
Week3 - Language and Politics Week3 - Worksheet
Week4 - Language and the media (no worksheet)
Week5 - Language and Gender Week5 - Worksheet
Week6 - Language and Ethnicity Week 6 - Worksheet
(no handout) Week9 - Language and Social Class Worksheet
Week10 - Language and identity Week10 - Worksheet
Roehampton - University of Surrey, Understanding English Variation (2003)
Week2 - Describing Vowels Week2 - Worksheet
Week3 - Syllables and Stress Week3 - Worksheet
Week4 - Connected Speech Processes Week4 - Worksheet
Week5 - Intro. to syntax Week5 - Worksheet
Week6 - More word and phrase classes
Week7 - Tense and Auxillariess
Week9 - Coordination
Week10 - Morphology

University of Cambridge, Psycholinguistics (2002-2003)
Spoken Word Recognition
Speech Production

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