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Dr. Rachael-Anne Knight
Senior Lecturer in Phonetics
Department of Language and Communication Science
City University London
Tel: 020 7040 8081

Phonetics Links

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IPA fonts can be downloaded from John Wells' website. Download the self-extracting file and click run. Fonts will be automatically installed to your computer.



Clickable IPA chart by Rachael-Anne Knight and Christina Villafana Dalcher showing ultrasound images of the tongue for Southern British English Consonants.

Clickable IPA chart by John Esling, where you can listen to the vowels and consonants on the IPA chart (click link for 'limited version' near bottom of chart

Clickable IPA chart by Peter Ladefoged, where you can listen to the vowels and consonants on the IPA chart

Cardinal Vowels the original recordings by Daniel Jones

English Pronunciation website with links to sound files of English sounds



Customisable Vocal Tract where you can see pictures of the VT in different configurations and the corresponding phonetic symbol

Phonetic Flash where you match labels to symbols and vice versa



Speech Internet Dictionary a dictionary of terms used in phonetics and phonology



Oi allows you to practice heads, tails and nuclear tones
POW is an introductory tutorial on prosody and intonation

In PLATO you listen to the utterance and workout which syllable is the nucleus

In TONI you listen to the utterance and workout what the nuclear tone is

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