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Rachael-Anne Knight


Richard and I  foster dogs for Wagtails Rescue in Essex.  We usually have the for a few weeks or months until they can find a new home.  We quite often foster the more difficult cases so that they ca, hopefully,  become rehabilitated by integration with our pack.  You can see pictures of some of our foster dogs here.  Wagtails always needs people to adopt and foster, so please consider them if you are hoping to get a dog in the near future. Wagtails and other charities also use Dog Rescue Pages to find homes for their dogs.


(the Blue cat, Blue's Clues, Little Boy Blue)

Blue was nine when he came to us.  He had been the baby of his family for all that time until a human baby came along.  Then he was relegated to the kitchen where he whined until the neighbours complained. 

When he came to use he was very unsure about everything, but really came out of his shell after a while, and started to sit with the other dogs and come to us for cuddles.  He now has a lovely new home.


(Hayley Bayley, Comet dog)

Hayley came to Wagtails after being spared from being put to sleep.  Her owner's child had tried to take a bone away from her and she growled, resulting in her being taken straight to the vets to be euthanised. 

When she first arrived with us she was very feisty with other dogs.  However, she settled down very quickly and swiftly became one of our pack.  We made a video of her for YouTube. She went to her new home after three months and is now called 'Beau'.


(Nee-noor, the Roo cat)

Nina is our current foster dog.  We don't know a great deal about her history, except that she has been moved around quite a bit.  She has bags of energy so needs lots of exercise.  She has some food aggression issues, but is really settling down and turning into a sweetie.  Hopefully she'll find her new home soon.oon.


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